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As we shared just a few days ago in our April newsletter, Frank O’Connell’s conviction was reversed on March 29, 2012.  The court gave the prosecutors a few weeks to decide if they were going to refile. On Friday,  April 20, the prosecutor announced his desire to retry Frank O’Connell for the murder, though the office still needs time to evaluate whether there is enough evidence to warrant a retrial.  The lawyers and Frank are returning to court in May to learn of the prosecutor’s final decision.  Frank will enter through the court through the front door this time.  The court set bail at $75,000 on Friday and Frank was released this morning!  Congratulations to Frank and his attorneys Verna WefaldPeter Camiel and Centurion Ministries.

See local news coverage here and photos of Frank in court and video of his return home into the arms of his mother.