In the first 48 hours of news of John Smith’s release, Innocence Matters received over 300 calls and emails from people begging for help for their loved ones!  Soon, mail from prisons arrived.  At last count, we have had over 400 impassioned pleas for help.

“Would you please, please, please look into my false accusation case.  . . . I really need some guidance even if you cannot help.  I am truly and actually innocent of a crime that did not even happen.”

“My family has struggled for years trying to raise money to reopen [my son’s] case and prove his innocence.  I urge you please help us in doing so, you are our only hope.”

“I was watching KCR news this evening and saw the clip that you helped an innocent man get out of jail after many years.  I have been praying for God to direct me to someone who can help my son.”

“It seemed as though when I feel like giving up, something tells me there is still hope. I am anxious, nervous, full of mixed emotions.  I turned on the TV last night only to find that there is some hope for my best friend.

Virtually all reported searching for help for years–sometimes decades, only to be denied time and time again.  Most never heard of Innocence Matters before September 24.  Why would they?   We were just a small group of committed people, passionate about helping John and willing to do so on a shoestring budget.

And now with 400+ people asking for our help, we are going to do what we can to quickly secure the necessary funding so that we can help as many as possible from Los Angeles County.  We will work closely together with our colleagues in the innocence community to find advocates for those outside Los Angeles County.

You can help us reach more people by donating, assisting us with our grant-writing and fundraising campaigns, or volunteer to serve as a pro bono attorney for one of the many new innocence cases.  Contact us to let us know how you can help!