This letter arrived as we were contemplating the full impact of our underwhelming year-end fundraising results–we only raised 15% of what we need to get the job done in 2014.

Dear Innocence Matters,

My gratitude with a tiny seed of love for God to multiply!  I’ve been saving every month to give for this new year of 2014.  (Donation enclosed.)  I know in the future it will grow when God’s Hands are on my seed to Sow.

It’s going to be a Great Year!  God said it!  I believe it!  I have this supernatural crazy faith God is going to do the IMPOSSIBLE!

God has put a few Angels in my life during the past 15 years.  YOU are one of them.


[Signed by an innocent person]

Humbly inspired by the perseverance and faith of the caged innocent, we’ll work tirelessly to get the job done, hoping every step of the way divine intervention will cover the 85% gap.