From Monday morning’s mail:

Innocence seems to matter only when media publicity is popular ! And when it benefits the organization.

For all the innocent people waiting for help, we can only imagine your frustration.  Waiting endlessly with no promise of freedom, taunted with stories of the lucky few who are receiving help while you are forced to live your life in prison, waiting.  All you know is no one is working your case and you have no way of knowing if your day will ever come.  You wait.  You hope.  You pray.  Your frustration is entirely understandable.

If only the Innocence Matters team’s passion and heartfelt desire to help all within our reach was enough to bring some of you comfort.  If only we could guarantee that, one day, we will begin work on your case.  Of course, we cannot make that promise; nor could any innocence organization.  The painful reality, at least for now, is that there are far more innocent people than any of the existing organizations can handle.  We need to join forces to change that reality.

Until we get there, we share your frustration.  We too are tired of waiting.  We are tired of setting limits on who we can serve.  The system is painfully slow, even for those relatively few who get the attention some projects’ attention.  This is true even in those cases when innocence is ridiculously obvious.  Every delay and every obstacle placed in our path–regardless of the justification or by whom–only makes it that much longer before we can turn our attention to those innocent people still languishing in prison cells.

It was Innocence Movement’s founders intent to build the strongest innocence community possible that led to the creation of the Innocence Network in 2000.  Each year the Network puts on a phenomenal conference that exposes attendees to an impressive array of expertise and ideas.  It’s a chance to reconnect with old friends (e.g., Jennifer Thompson) and to make new ones.  This year’s conference in Oregon was worth every penny, even for small organizations like ours, led by people who are often caught actually counting pennies.  Thankfully, the conference is open to all–members and nonmembers.  For its members, though, the Network provides endless, ongoing opportunities to collaborate, to discover and exchange proven strategies and innovative approaches.  What an invaluable resource!  Network membership would allow us to learn and grow with our colleagues so that the greatest number of innocent people are served.  Innocence Matters is eagerly awaiting news on its application to join the Network!  We are eager to use the resources provided to Network members for the benefit of our innocent clients.  We are eager to contribute to the growth of the innocence community.

For the innocent waiting for life-changing news from any innocence organization, please don’t give up.  Continue your search because the innocence community continues to grow.