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You Have Until August 24, 2014 to Nominate Your Hero

Our Board will announce its decision on August 25, 2014.  There’s still time, but not a lot!

Last Year's Courageous Truth Award

Last Year’s Courageous Truth Award

We have received an assortment of nominations this year prove to us that truly anyone can be a hero.  This year’s nominees includes law enforcement officers, exoneree’s family members, defense attorneys, prosecutors, prison staff, members of the clergy, and prison advocates.  Many faced serious criticism, were ridiculed and/or their careers were jeopardized. Nonetheless, these people persevered and did what was right.  They are each extraordinary in their own way.

When we use the word “hero,” we sometimes think it means doing the extraordinary.  Often, though, the smallest step can represent the turning point for an innocent person.

We want to hear about your hero and how their actions ultimately exposed the truth.  You have until August 24 to nominate your hero!

Submit your nomination by using the form below.  (Don’t worry, it will not post to the blog.)

Then watch for our announcement on August 26, 2014!  Be sure to buy your tickets for our Fourth Annual Courageous Truth Award. (Scroll to bottom of form to purchase tickets.)

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