John Klene was convicted of a murder he did not commit based on an eyewitness who refused to identify him at trial, and on the word of a drug-addicted, lying snitch who was allowed to get away with another murder.  The conviction came despite evidence of John’s alibi, offered by honest witnesses.

In October 2012, Innocence Matters first presented John Klene’s case of innocence.

The Innocent

The Eyewitness

The Snitch

Three weeks after he falsely implicated John Klene, Payaso assisted in a sadistic murder of a defenseless homeless man. You’ll remember this guy from Day 8 and Day 15 of the Susan Mellen series.

One of Many Alibi Witnesses

The Confessor

How much more is needed before the government is willing to admit they got this one wrong?  How many more days must John serve for a crime he did not commit?

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