September 24th 2012:

It has to be the greatest, most satisfying day in my life, today, seems so long ago. I could remember smelling the fresh night air for the first time, that has not gotten old. Those first few months went like a blur; I often tell people that I didn’t know time could move so fast. These days were also socially challenging. People were everywhere and I wasn’t used to that; trying to get acclimated to the real world wasn’t gonna be so easy but I knew it was gonna be fun.

A family with a lot to celebrate!

A family with a lot to celebrate!

After about a year home, I finally found employment as a courier, and I realized my “vacation” was over and I was finally getting my GROWN MAN on. Life was exciting. I was socializing more (thanks to said job) and started to do the things and go to the places I’ve always wanted to go. Even got a social life. At this point I believed I was on the fast track to heaven.

Enter 2014:

John & Iris (2)I was still working and being the primary caregiver for my Grandmother–smiles were everywhere. My supervisor at my job learned that I was an exonerated prisoner and started giving me all the good routes (we worked on commission) and days just seemed to flow. But then for some reason, everything slowed down. My Grandmothers health got worse; my Mom still wasn’t here to give me that hug; my car was hit, which led me to lose my job (It was not my fault 🙂 ) and the days just seemed to extend. And that’s when it hit me: you can’t legislate life. What will, be will be. Life is a struggle and you just have to embrace it and somehow someway, enjoy the journey. It may be rough but, what else are you gonna do?! Gotta keep on keeping on! So I struggle. But I’m thankful!!

So here comes 2015:

Things are still not going MY way and finding employment has become a real struggle. Fortunately I would find little odd jobs to do to help pay the bills. And I still had my girlfriend Iris, who supported me in every way since day one so I remained optimistic. Then it happened again: Iris woke up feeling sick so we went to the doctor…..SHE’S PREGNANT!! So in the midst of my personal struggle, I have a child on the way. And instead of feeling that obvious pressure that I believe one should feel when faced with this real life situation– I was ecstatic!! Grinning from ear to ear. Then everything slowed down again. This time, it was a good thing. I became intensely focused–and all I could think about was the birth of MY 1st child. And although I’m not presently employed, I believe I will be (filling out apps daily) and things will get better. So see, like I said, can’t legislate life, but you have to embrace your blessings and enjoy the journey. Because you never know…..